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Friends of Fr. Augustus Tolton


Fr. Augustus Tolton: so much to be said about him

  • The first Black priest to serve in the United States
  • A child of slaves (both parents were descendants of Africans brought here as slaves)
  • With his mother and brother and sister, he escaped slavery when his father left the family to fight with Union soldiers for Black freedom; finding a home in Quincy, Illinois
  • When no U.S. seminary would accept him, he was sent to Rome where he studied, was ordained, and returned to Illinois
  • Invited by Chicago’s Archbishop to work in our city (pastor of St. Monica’s at 3600 S. Dearborn)
  • Died at Mercy Hospital of heatstroke at age 43
  • The cause for his beatification has been presented to Rome for a miracle here in Chicago

This is a new parish initiative, forming a community to meet monthly, to pray for his canonization, and to promote parish activities at Holy Name that were the types of activities he promoted. Formerly known as the Black Catholic Parishioners, the Friends of Fr. Augustus Tolton is a new outreach inviting people of all ages and races, and ethnic backgrounds to continue the good work of Fr. Gus.