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         Message from the Rector

                                              Weekend of November 29, 2020


November 29, 2020

Dear People of God,


Our Advent Season has begun!  Advent is a time of waiting and preparation. What are we waiting and preparing for this Advent Season?


It is easy to become frenetic and worried about our long “to do” lists as Christmas draws near despite COVID-19. Christmas is more than the birth of Jesus into our world, for we also celebrate the inbreaking of God already in our midst. We need to let the cradle rock the world and touch our lives at the deepest level. What is Advent’s real meaning? St. Gaspar del Bufalo, founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, beautifully states:


“One must do much for God, quickly and well.

We must do much because God is deserving of it.

We must do it quickly because time is short.

We must do it well because that is how one must serve God.”


Advent is an opportunity to put life into perspective and balance despite the craziness of schedules and “to do” lists. The birth of Jesus and the inbreaking of God already in our midst is a chance to reflect upon our relationships – especially with God, family and good friends.


The following powerful story readily captures Advent’s real meaning…read…and pass it on…



The usual busy morning rush hour.  Lines of cars are winding through town, with their anxious and time-crunched passengers heading to their offices, stores and workplaces. At one intersection, however, it all comes to a dead stop – for one little girl with blue shoes who is late for school.


With the crossing guard, her protector, the little girl steps off the curb with exaggerated caution, like she is sticking a toe in cold water. She is totally oblivious to the fact that all these cars are waiting for her.  Halfway across, something on the ground catches her eye, and she bends over to look at it. The crossing guard beeps her whistle and gives her head a jerk to move the little girl along.


It seems as if she uses three different walks to get to the other side: a skippy little pony-walk, a bunny-hop or two, and finally a slap-happy thing that looks like it came from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.


There is a flash of blue and a backpack slapping on a tiny bottom, and she is gone.

And the morning commute resumes.

Despite the wait and inconvenience, one motorist found himself saluting the little girl.


“I pledged allegiance to a little girl in blue shoes yesterday.  We all did…


“Little blue shoes girl, we do not know who you are. We can only stare through the parted waters as you dance your way across the Jordan.


“Did you know that we have a law for you?  We made a law so that on our worst days we do not forget. Even on days when we think being on time is more important than little girls in blue shoes, a woman with gloves and a whistle will stop us and make us remember who you are.


“Some of us say there is something eternal about you, something we call a soul…if there is anything eternal in you, any scent of the Creator lying soft on the back of your neck, then you are worth more than all the good and all the mountains and all the world.”


The little girl in the blue shoes becomes a sign of God’s grace in our hectic COVID-19 world, a living reminder of what a gift from God this life truly is.


Take time this advent Season to realize there is more to life than increasing its speed!  We are called human beings and not human doings! So connect this Advent Season with Jesus – a gift for all seasons!


Pray for an end to the Coronavirus.


                                                      On the Advent journey with you,

                                                                                                                                                                              Fr. Greg


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