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Message from the Rector

The Weekend of February 28, 2021


Dear People of God,

As we continue our Lenten Season, may the following story “touch” our hearts.

At Thanksgiving time, the first-grade teacher gave her class a fun assignment – to draw a picture of something for which they were thankful.  Most of the class might be considered economically disadvantaged, but still many would celebrate the holiday with turkey and other traditional goodies of the season. These, the teacher thought, would be the subject of most of her students’ art.  And they were.

But Douglas made a different kind of picture. Douglas was a different kind of boy. He was the teacher’s true child of misery – frail and unhappy. As other children played at recess, Douglas was likely to stand by her side.  One could only guess at the pain Douglas felt behind those sad eyes.

Yes, his picture was different. When asked to draw a picture of something for which he was thankful, he drew a hand. Nothing else. Just an empty hand. His abstract image captured the imagination of his peers. Whose hand could it be? One child guessed it was the hand of a farmer because farmers raise turkeys. Another suggested a police officer because the police protect and care for people. Still, others guessed it was the hand of God, for God feeds us. And so, the discussion went – until the teacher almost forgot the young artist himself.

When the children had gone on to the other assignments, she paused at Douglas’ desk, bent down, and asked him whose hand it was. The little boy looked away and said, “It’s yours, teacher.”

She recalled the times she had taken his hand and walked with him here or there as she had the other students. How often she had said, “Take my hand, Douglas, we’ll go outside.” Or, “Let me show you how to hold your pencil.” Or, “Let’s do this together.” Douglas was most thankful for his teacher’s hand. Brushing aside a tear, she went on with her work.

This Lenten Journey, open your hand in love and forgiveness – the same way our Lord Jesus opens  His hands in love and forgiveness to touch us.

And spend some time each day reflecting upon these wisdom thoughts:

There is nothing to be gained by bitterness, anger or hatred. Bitterness or pessimism is only going to slow you down finding the solution.

Make the mistakes, but always follow through on your convictions.

Don’t worry, for worry is the most unproductive of all human activities.

Don’t be fearful. Most of the things we fear never come to pass.

Face each problem as it comes.

Don’t cross bridges before you get to them. No one has yet succeeded in accomplishing this.

Don’t take problems to bed with you. They make poor bedfellows.

Don’t borrow other people’s problems. They can take better care of them than you can.

Don’t try and re-live yesterday. It is gone.

Don’t become bogged down by frustration. It will only interfere with positive actions.

Count your blessings.

Don’t let your faith waver. God is with you at every moment.

Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait.


On the Lenten journey with you,

  Fr. Greg

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