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Requesting letter for baptism and confirmation sponsors

In order to obtain a letter of permission in regards to becoming a sponsor for baptism or confirmation, please see the requirements listed below.  All inquiries can be submitted to Martha Welter at or by phone at (312) 573-4409.

Requirements for baptismal sponsor

  • Your first and last name
  • Child’s full name
  • First and last name of the child’s parents
  • Date of baptism
  • Name of Church where baptism is taking place
  • Address of Church
  • To whom the letter should be addressed (pastor, etc.)

Requirements for confirmation sponsor

  • Your first and last name
  • Your current address
  • First and last name of confirmation candidate
  • First and last name of the candidate’s parents
  • Date of Confirmation
  • Name of Church
  • Address of Church
  • Name of Pastor or Religious Education Director

*If you have a form requiring the rector’s signature, you may drop it off at the rectory office. Someone will contact you when the form is ready to be picked up.