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Directions and Parking Information

Holy Name Cathedral Directions
North State St. at Superior St. (735 N. State)

Holy Name Cathedral is located on the northeast corner of State and Superior streets, about one-half block south of Chicago Avenue, a major traffic artery. The Cathedral is three blocks west of Michigan Avenue, and an easy walk from the historic Water Tower.

Reaching Holy Name Cathedral by public transportation
The No. 36 Broadway CTA bus stops at Chicago and State, just a half-block from the Cathedral’s front doors.

Visitors taking any of the Michigan Avenue buses – such as the 151, 147, 146, and others – should get off the bus at Chicago Avenue and walk west to State Street. At State, turn left and you’ll be only steps away from the Cathedral’s front doors.

Visitors using Chicago’s subway system should take the Red Line/Howard train and exit at Chicago and State. If possible, take the stairwell marked “southeast corner” when leaving the station. Whatever exit you use at Chicago & State, once you reach street-level, the Cathedral will be in sight.

Parking Garage for Holy Name Cathedral

Our new parking garage is open! You may park in the garage during any Mass or Cathedral event, seven days a week. The address of the parking garage is 14 W. Superior Street, between Dearborn and State Street, and is located below the tall tower of the new One Chicago Square complex.

You will enter on the two-way driveway on Superior and turn left to proceed down the ramp. Our entrance gate will be directly in front of you. Just pull a parking ticket and park in any non-reserved open space on Lower Level One (LL1) or Lower Level Two (LL2). Parking tickets can only be validated for free parking on the Cathedral Campus.

It is very important that your vehicle leaves the parking garage within the validated time. If you exceed the validated time on your ticket, you will need to pay a fee of $100 in order to leave the parking garage. Holy Name Cathedral is not able to waive this fee.

Our new parking garage, located at 14 W. Superior between Dearborn and State Street, is fully open for all Masses and Cathedral events and meetings. This is a private garage, designated solely for the use by the Archdiocese of Chicago and Holy Name Cathedral parishioners, visitors, and staff. Validation of your parking ticket is required to exit the garage.

General Instructions 

  • Enter and exit on the Superior Street driveway (this is a two-way driveway)
  • Turn left to go down the ramp to Lower Level One (the ramp has two-way traffic)
  • Push the button and pull a ticket to open the gate and enter the parking lot.
  • Park in any open spaces (non-reserved spaces) on Lower Level One (LL1) or Lower Level Two (LL2)
  • Bring your parking ticket with you to the Cathedral; the only place to validate these parking tickets is on the Cathedral Campus
  • Follow signs for the LOBBY (northeast corner of the garage) where you will find three elevators to bring you up to street level
    • Proceed out to State Street using the Pedestrian Walkway.
    • Please cross at Chicago Avenue for your safety.
  • The exit gate is at the same location as the entrance gate. Just insert your validated ticket in the machine and the gate will open.

Safety First

  • Drive slowly
  • Watch for two-way traffic (the vast majority of driving areas are two-way)
  • Be alert for pedestrians walking in the garage to the Lobby elevators or back to their cars

Ticket Validation Processes

  • We will provide two-hour validation for free parking during any of our Masses. 
  • For validation at Mass, there will be two validation machines in the Vestibule
  • You can validate your ticket at any time – before or after Mass
    • Only insert your ticket into the validation machine ONE TIME. If you try to validate the ticket more than once, it will cancel the original validation and you will not be able to use the parking ticket to exit the garage.
  • IMPORTANT!!! Please be sure your vehicle exits the parking lot within the validated time on your parking ticket. This is very important for people arriving for the next Mass. If you do remain beyond your validated period, there is a $100 fee (payable only in the garage) in order to exit the parking garage.




Frequently Asked Questions

No. In order to have enough parking for others coming to the Cathedral for the next mass, weddings, baptisms, funerals, or special events, we do require everyone to leave within the validation on your ticket (e.g. two hours for Mass). IMPORTANT!!! If your vehicle does not exit the garage within the validated time, there is a $100 fee to exit the garage. This fee is payable only in the garage at one of the payment machines or at the exit gate. Holy Name Cathedral is not able to waive the fee.


If you lose your parking ticket, you will be responsible to pay the $100 fee to exit the parking garage. When you approach the exit gate on LL1, you will press the button to issue a Lost Ticket. Then re-insert the ticket and use a credit card to pay the fee. Holy Name Cathedral is not able to provide tickets or waive the fee.

All residents of the two towers in the One Chicago Square complex are required to use Valet Parking for their vehicles. The valets park all of the residents’ vehicles on LL3 and LL4.

Our parking garage is a private garage, only for the use of the Archdiocese of Chicago and Holy Name Cathedral. There is a separate public, multi-floor garage (above ground floors) where their customers/members will park. Their parking garage will be accessible through a separate driveway on Dearborn Street. We will not overlap traffic between the two garages.

We offer two hours of free parking for any of our masses (exceptions may be made for holiday masses like Christmas and Easter). If you are attending an event or meeting in our Parish Center or Rectory, arrangements will be made by a Staff member to provide the appropriate validation time in line with the length of your event/meeting.

In order to get the free parking, you must validate your parking ticket on the Cathedral campus. For those attending Mass, there will be two validation machines in the Vestibule. We recommend that you get your ticket validated before Mass on your way into the Cathedral to avoid any lines after Mass. If you are attending an event or meeting in our Parish Center or Rectory, there will be a special validation machine made available onsite of your event/meeting.