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Young Adults



Mission: Anchored in the Catholic faith, Young Adult Ministry (YAM) identifies spiritual, service, and fellowship opportunities for young adults (18-40) to strengthen their faith. YAM provides apostolic ministry at the service of others and is a welcoming community for Holy Name Cathedral for all to encounter Jesus Christ. 

Young Adult Ministry Leader: Chris Prebil

Staff Liaison: Fr. Ton Nguyen

Programs and Activities

Young Adults Ministry – Introduction

Growing up and growing closer to God doesn’t always occur at the same pace. Young Adulthood is a stage in our life when we grow older and journey towards independence from when our parents dragged us to Church. We find ourselves living on our own and wrestling with God’s purpose for our lives. The unfortunate truth is often, we have looked outside the Church and outside our relationship with God to answer those questions. After a life lesson or two, His call back to Him eventually becomes loud enough, and we find ourselves back in a church pew listening and inviting him back into our hearts. If that story sounds familiar, you’re not alone, and a Young Adult community at HNC surrounds you on the same journey toward building a relationship with Jesus.

We believe the purpose we search for is found solely and entirely in that relationship with God. Jesus calls on us to participate in the work he started two thousand years ago. His Ministry in the Gospels is that work we are following. “Anchored in the Catholic Faith, the Young Adults Ministry identifies Spiritual, Service, and Fellowship opportunities for young adults to strengthen their faith, to provide apostolic ministry for those of the community, and be a welcoming community for HNC to encounter Jesus Christ.”

We hope you feel personally invited to ALL our Young Adult Ministry events. The last thing Jesus prayed for the night before his crucifixion was for unity among His believers. Jesus asked that we may be one just as He and the Father are one. He desired his disciples to be unified in their faith and love for one another. Participating in HNC’s Young Adult Ministry is a step in that direction.

Chris Prebil

Young Adults Ministry Leader


Upcoming Young Adults Ministry Programs:

  • Young Adult Christmas Party, Dec. 10, in the Club Room after the 5:15pm Sunday Mass.
  • Faith and Fitness session for YA, Jan. 7, in the Club Room after 5:15pm Sunday Mass.
  • Adoration, Mass, Christmas Concert: Friday, December 15
  • Bible Study: Every Tuesday at 7:00pm, in the Rectory
  • Small Groups: We will launch these small groups soon; stay tuned for updates:
    • Exodus 90 – Start On January 2
    • Fiat 40 – Start on January 2
    • Lenten 40 Days Journey (Co-Ed) – Start on February 14
  • Young Adult Retreat: February 3, from 10am – 5:15pm
  • Upcoming Service Opportunities:
    • Toy & Coat Drive for Migrant Families – December 2, 3, 9, and 10 – before and after all masses
    • Greater Chicago Food Depository – January 20 from 1-4pm

We are launching Small Group Lenten Journey

What is Small Group Lenten Journey?

The Small Group Lenten Journey is a spiritual pilgrimage during the Lenten season, emphasizing prayer, sacrifice, and charity. It encourages participants to break away from their daily routines, focus on their spiritual growth, and draw closer to Christ. Joining a small group provides opportunities for meaningful discussions, spiritual practices, and building genuine friendships.

What does being a part of a small group entail?

  • 90 days or 40 days journey commitment
  • Forming small groups of 6 – 10 young adults
  • Monthly Meetings with all groups
    • Second Thursday of the month (HNC Chapel and 2nd Floor Rectory)
      • 5:30pm (optional): Adoration and Evening Prayer
      • 6:30pm: Mass
      • 7:00pm-8:30pm: Fellowship
      • Dates: February 8 and March 14
    • Weekly meetings with respective small groups – 2nd Floor Rectory
      • Every Saturday morning 9:30am-11:00am.
    • Disciplines
      • It depends on the group that you are enrolling.


  • Fiat 40 (Women only) starts on February 15
    • The Fiat 40 challenge takes place during the 40 days leading up to Easter and focuses on building Marian virtues such as purity and piety. Through a series of specific disciplines, challenge-takers seek to build a robust spiritual life and become closer to Jesus through Mary.
    • Participation fees are $20 covering dinner expenses during the monthly meetings on the second Thursday.
    • It is a modified version of Fiat 90. For more information, please visit:
    • Registration Deadline is Feb 12
  • Lenten 40 Days Journey (Co-Ed) begins on February 15
    • “It only takes a handful of Holy Moments to flood your soul with joy and show you a new and exciting vision for the rest of your life.” Mathew Kelly. The 40-day Lenten Journey group will watch daily videos by Matthew Kelly, reflect on his daily messages, adopt Lenten practices, and form good disciplines as we journey throughout the Lenten season.
    • Participation fees are $20 covering dinner expenses during the monthly meetings on the second Thursday.
    • For more information, please visit:
    • Registration Deadline is Feb 12
  • Exodus 90 (Men only) starts on January 6
    • What is Exodus 90? Exodus is an intense 90 day period of prayer, fraternity, and aestheticism. You and a group of like-minded men journey together through the book of Exodus, following Mosesand the Israelites as they break their chains of slavery.
    • Participation fees are $20 covering dinner expenses during the monthly meetings on the second Thursday.
    • For more information, please visit::
    • Registration Deadline is December 28

Ongoing Young Adult Ministry Programs

  • Monthly Gathering: On the first Sunday of the month, we attend 5:15pm mass in the Cathedral. Then we move to the Club Room (or the Courtyard weather permitting) for a talk, social time, and food/refreshments
  • Men’s Young Adult Bible Study: Meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm in the Rectory
  • Women’s Young Adult Bible Study: Meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm in the Rectory
  • Young Adult Music Ministry: Meets at 4:15pm on the first Sunday of the month to rehearse; then we perform for the 5:15pm Mass. Interested? Reach out to our Music Department:
  • Second Friday Supper Ministry: Every second Friday, our group meets at 3:00pm to prepare a hot meal for 80 in-person dining and 50 “to-go” hot meals. We serve the meal at the Catholic Charities facility, located at 721 N. La Salle Street. For more information, please contact Fr. Ton Nguyen at
  • Prayers with Mary: On Monday and Thursday night at 6:00pm via Zoom and led by John Manley. For more information, please contact Fr. Ton Nguyen.
  • Theology on Tap: Throughout the spring and summer, we hold our evening Theology on Tap (TOT) program after the Sunday evening 5:15pm mass. Our first event will be on Sunday, May 7. Click here for more information.
  • Tutoring Program for FXW Students: this annual program takes place in the fall from 10am-12noon. A group of HNC Young Adults help prepare Catholic students to prepare for entrance exams for Catholic Hight Schools around the city. If you would like to become a volunteer, come to a volunteer orientation. Watch for more details in the HNC Bulletin, weekly newsletter, YA Facebook and bi-weekly newsletter.

You are invited to participate in some or all of our events!

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