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Parish Leadership

We invite you to join us as we work together to create events and activities that bring the parish together to celebrate our faith. We are starting our Discernment period where we ask parishioners to reflect on this unique volunteer opportunity and apply for the open spots within our various commissions, councils, and boards. The Cathedral’s Parish Lay Leadership is organized into five different groups (see details below) to provide strategic direction for the parish and across spiritual, service and social programs and events for parishioners and visitors.

Each spring, we select a new group of leaders to replace those finishing their three-year term (two years for Young Adults). This is approximately one-third of our leadership team. We look for new leaders who can help us bring people to Christ; support our parishioners; deepen their faith and relationship with Christ; reach out to help those in need; build community and fellowship; and help the Cathedral be a strong and vibrant parish.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you interested in feeding the hungry or bringing in speakers to discuss relevant topics connected to our faith?
  • Do you like to plan parties and socials that create opportunities for people to meet each other and connect around like beliefs?
  • Are you looking for a way to get involved and meet fellow Cathedral parishioners?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then please consider applying.


Please consider this invitation to deepen your faith by becoming involved in our active, exciting parish. Each year, we have opportunities to join one of Holy Name Cathedral’s commissions, councils or groups. This is your chance to share your talents and time in a unique and special way. We have opportunities that match your interests. CLICK HERE to hear from Dan Werner, Vice Chair of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC).

Want to learn more? Come to one of our March 2021 Information Sessions. Just click here to sign up.

Holy Name Cathedral’s Parish Leadership Groups

    • Human Concerns Commission (HCC): The Human Concerns Commission represents the Cathedral’s outreach to a wide variety of people in the Chicago area that are struggling to survive at the margins of our society. Our goal is to help people meet their basic needs for food, housing, fellowship, employment, education and tax services. We also focus on the unique needs of expectant mothers, working parents and the elderly. Members of the HCC lead individual programs focused on key segments in need of our support. Click here to hear from a member of the HCC team!
    • Faith Formation Commission (FFC): The Faith Formation Commission assists in helping our fellow parishioners grow in discipleship by deepening our Catholic faith. We do this by helping all who walk through our Cathedral doors understand God’s word in Sacred Scripture; gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of our faith; of the Mass and of the Sacraments. We help spread the Word of God and the Good News in collaboration with the Director of Faith Formation. Click here to hear from a member of the FFC team!
    • Parish Pastoral Council (PPC): The PPC is the lay advisory council to the Pastor of Holy Name Cathedral, representing the needs and hopes of the entire parish community. We actively support each of the Parish organizations, providing collaboration, ensuring vision alignment, and encouraging growth of all groups in supporting the Cathedral Parish. Being on the PPC requires a willingness to provide strategic input as well as actively participate in a variety of Parish activities. Click here to learn more about the annual Discernment process!
    • Parish Life Commission (PLC): The main goal of the PLC is to increase and promote fellowship among parishioners via the creation of fun, diverse, lively social events and gatherings. Being a part of the PLC means working with a team of dedicated parishioners with whom you spend time. laugh while planning events, preparing and serving food, decorating, providing program support. We welcome new members to help us create new programs as well as be active participants in implementing our current programs. Click here to hear from a member of the PLC team!
    • Young Adults Board (YA): Holy Name Cathedral Young Adults welcomes everyone in their 20’s and 30’s to share companionship in Christ. All young adults are invited to share this joy and love through events designed to deepen faith (spiritual), to serve those in need (service), and to bring together friends, old and new (social). We design and host a wide range of programs and events throughout the year for young adults, single and married alike. The YA Board oversees the three committees (spiritual, service, social) as well as collaborates with other Chicago Catholic organizations. Click here to hear from a member of the Young Adults Board!

We invite you to attend an upcoming 2021 Information Session to learn more about Parish Leadership and the process to join one of our leadership groups. Just click here to sign up for a Virtual Session via Zoom. We have both Saturday mornings and weekday evening sessions.

If you have any questions, please email us at