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Chicago Shares

Chicago Shares: is a non-profit, non-denominational corporation that works with merchants, churches, synagogues and a team of volunteers, to help feed the hungry. Very simply, Chicagoans can purchase vouchers (“shares”) at areas churches and synagogues or through our website and distribute them to needy people they encounter on the street. The recipients redeem these vouchers at participating merchants for food and other necessities, but never for alcohol or tobacco. Chicago Shares reimburses all participating merchants for the vouchers on a monthly basis

We want to help, but we are:
Uneasy when approached by someone in need
Nervous about pulling out a wallet or opening a purse
Concerned that our money might be used for drugs or alcohol

CHICAGO SHARES vouchers are an answer. They are a convenient, safe and constructive means to provide meals for hungry people.

Chicago Shares…is a voucher program that provides an opportunity for the community to aid homeless people in a constructive way. Often people don’t want to give cash when approached on the street, but do wish to provide meals for the hungry. The vouchers, in $1.00 increments, are redeemable for food and personal care items by area merchants. They may be purchased at various selling points listed on the Chicago Shares Participants page. Vouchers are also available by mail through the order form located there.  You can print the order form, mail it in with your check, and  you will receive your vouchers in the mail.  Each month, Chicago Shares reimburses merchants for all vouchers they have accepted. In March 2009, for example, in the Holy Name Cathedral area alone, over $1000.00 was reimbursed to four merchants: Jewel at Clark and Division, Dominick’s at Grand and Columbus and two area Subway shops. This means that, just in the area of that participating location, more than 200 meals were provided to hungry people. Chicago Shares is an ecumenical effort, involving several area churches. To meet the ongoing needs of our community and increase awareness about the program, Chicago Shares would like to expand the number of distribution points for the vouchers and involve more merchants.  If you have suggestions, would like to sell vouchers, or assist in the coordinating work of the voucher program, please leave your name and number at (312) 787-8040 or email Chicago Shares at One of our volunteers will call you back. Thanks!