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Faith Formation Commission

As lay members of the Holy Name Cathedral parish community, the Faith Formation Commission assists our Pastor in helping our fellow parishioners grow in discipleship by deepening our Catholic faith. We do this by helping all who walk through our Cathedral doors understand God’s word in Sacred Scripture; gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of our faith; of the Mass; of the Sacraments. We help spread the Word of God, and the Good news in collaboration with the Director of Faith Formation.

Examples of our activities are:

  • Weekly Bible Study held every Wednesday in the rectory – We review the 1st reading (usually from the Old Testament) and the Gospel read from the Lectionary the previous Sunday. We give a historical overview and context of both readings then open discussion on what the verses mean to us and how to apply them to our daily lives.
  • Sponsor evenings of evangelization by experts in various areas of theology
  • Offer education on Papal teaching and newly issued encyclicals.
  • Partner with the other parish commissions to further discipleship

Faith Formation Commission 2018-2019



Co-Chairs: Matt Burkhart and Marco Oropeza

Staff Liaison: Kenneth Ortega and Fr. Don Cambe

Sue Burgess-Danti
Carl Casareto
Ginny Cooke
Caroline Devlin
Mary Christine Jackman
Deb Kubes

Kathleen H. MacKay
Jay Nawrocki
Shane Tytenicz
Ann Wise
S. Renee woods

For more information about the Faith Formation Commission, please contact:

Bible Study

Join us each Wednesday for an hour and half, 6:30- 8 p.m., in the rectory, as we discuss the three scripture reading from the past Sunday’s Mass.  We consider the historical background for the readings which may include the date they were written, who wrote them and what was happening in civil society when the events of the readings took place.

We go over each reading verse by verse, discuss our individual observances and try to discern how Christ’s message impacts our lives.