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The waters of new life, the light of Christ, and the prayers of our common Faith Community are offered to you at this exciting time. All children are welcomed with open arms and all parents will find a community of Christ’s presence and support. No matter if you come to us as a large family, as a single parent, foster or adopted family, you and your child will find a home at Holy Name Cathedral. After reading the details below, please complete the Baptism Registration Form.

FILL OUT THE BAPTISMAL FORM if you are a registered parishioner.

If you are not a registered parishioner, please email Lori Doyle at before filling out the form. In special cases (grandparents are registered parishioners, previous children were baptized at Holy Name, parents were married at Holy Name) we will consider scheduling the baptism here.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we have limited availability for Baptisms. Please complete the form for any inquires or email Lori Doyle at 


*Cost: If you are a parent or a sponsor of a child being baptized at a church other then Holy Name and wish to attend the class, there is a $25 fee. The fee must be paid along with your registration. 

To register for our Baptism Preparation class (and pay the $25 fee if applicable), please click here

  • Preparation Classes 2020

    If this is your first child, we require that you take a Preparation Class prior to the Baptism. Classes can be taken before or after the birth of your child. The course is strongly recommended for any godparent who has not previously taken it.

    • Please note: You MUST register in advance in order to attend a Baptism Preparation class. Please email Lori Doyle at if you have any questions.

      2020 Baptism Preparation Classes

      CLICK HERE for open Baptism Preparation classes and to register


      • A godparent must have received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. A godparent must be living an exemplary life consistent with faith and morals as taught by the Roman Catholic Church. A godparent must be actively practicing the faith. A non-Catholic, baptized Christian may be chosen as a Christian Witness, as long as one godparent is Catholic.


    Each family is allowed to have a maximum of 20 guests (not including the parents and child). 


    It is appropriate to make a donation to Holy Name Cathedral at the time of the Baptism. There is no set amount.


    On Saturdays (after 12noon) and on Sundays (all day), you should park in the Loyola University Parking Lot,
    located at 20 W. Chicago Avenue, on the north side of the street between State and Dearborn Streets. Just let the security guard on duty know you are there for the Baptism. This lot does not require a validated ticket but cars need to depart upon completion of the Baptism.