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Liturgy Council

The Liturgy Council of Holy Name Cathedral plans, coordinates and evaluates all of the liturgies and liturgical ministries of the Cathedral with the Director of Liturgy. Promoting and enabling the full, conscious, and active participation of the faithful is our goal, rooted in our liturgical vision to “open wide the doors to Christ.” As a council, but more important as disciples of Christ, we seek to see how our ministers and our liturgies open wide the doors of faith to all those who enter through our doors for an encounter with our Risen Lord.

Father Marek Smolka, Director of Liturgy

Michelle Peltier, Director of Liturgical Services and Special Events

David Jonies, Acting Director of Music  

Donna Ciszewski, Coordinator, Art and Environment

Ron Birch and Darren Milanowicz, Assistant Coordinators, Art and Environment

Robin Brown, Coordinator, Ministers of Hospitality

Rich Costa, Coordinator, Ushers

Janice Klich, Coordinator, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Stephanie McIntyre, Coordinator, Altar Servers and Devotions

Barbara Ramberg, Coordinator, Lectors