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Sustaining Donors Society/Automatic Contributions

Q. What is the Sustaining Donors Society?
A. It’s the program where you authorize Holy Name Cathedral to debit a bank account or charge a credit card monthly for the amount you would like to donate each month. Stewardship contributions are deducted on or around the 15th of the month.

Q. How does it benefit Holy Name Cathedral?
A. Holy Name Cathedral benefits from steadier and more predictable collections. We also believe that this program is one of the reasons that our collections have been increasing over the past few years.

Q. How does the program benefit me?
A. Mainly you benefit by knowing that your stewardship plans will be met even if you forget your envelope or are traveling. One less thing to think about on the weekends!

Q. How much am I expected to give?
A. Personal circumstances vary widely so no one answer fits all. It’s more important that our contributions be planned and proportional. Calculate your donations as a percent of income. If possible, increase that percentage a little each year until you reach a rate that is satisfactory to you.

Q. What do I do when the basket is passed?
A. Many people like to check the “electronic offering” box on their Sunday envelope and place the empty envelope in the basket.

Q. What if I want to change my amount or stop my participation?
A. It is easy! Just call (312) 573-4467 or email Ron Birch at to change or end participation.

Q. What about second collections or Holy Days?
A. Even those who enroll in the program will still receive envelopes to use for those special collections.

Q. I have other questions about the program. Whom should I contact?
A. Call Patricia Palacious at (312) 573-4432.