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2020-21 Advent Reflections & Christmas Traditions

 Learn about the Tradition of the Crèche and

Enjoy the Various Creches Shared by Our Faith Community

NEW! The Tradition of Las Posadas

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NEW! The Story of Christmas



First Week of Advent 2021

Sunday, November 28 – shared by Jeff Lipschultz

Monday, November 29 – shared by Valerie V. Mayuga, M.D.

Tuesday, November 30 – shared by Dennis Goodman

Wednesday, December 1 – shared by Dan Werner

Thursday, December 2 – shared by Holy Name Cathedral Parishioner K.L.

Friday, December 3

Saturday, December 4 – shared by Ricardo Sanchez

Second Week of Advent 2021

Sunday, December 5 – shared by Nick Sauer

Monday, December 6 – shared by Allison Rominger

Tuesday, December 7 – shared by W. V.

Wednesday, December 8 – shared by Ken Ortega

Thursday, December 9 – Fr. Richard Gabuzda, from 2015 Creighton University

Friday, December 10 – shared by Christine E. Lawless, M.D. 

Saturday, December 11 – shared by Linda Nardone


Third Week of Advent 2021

Sunday, December 12 – shared by Kathy M. Bridges

Monday, December 13 – shared by Kathy Leonard

Tuesday, December 14 – shared by Mary Piantek

Wednesday, December 15 – shared by Mark Teresi

Thursday, December 16 – shared by Fr. Joseph P. Tito

Friday, December 18 – shared by Anita Zodo

Saturday, December 19 – shared by Jenna S.


Fourth Week of Advent 2021

Sunday, December 19 – shared by Kate Hugar

Monday, December 20 – shared by Michael Bucior

Tuesday, December 21 – shared by Luke Minton

Wednesday, December 22 – shared by Julie Yacopino

Thursday, December 23 – shared by Eileen Knight

Friday, December 24 – shared by Rachel Ferrigan

Merry Christmas!

Week One of Advent 2020

Day #1: Sunday, November 29 Reflection by Devon Bezy

Day #2: Monday, November 30 Reflection by Kathleen Wheeler

Day #3: Tuesday, December 1 Reflection by Stephanie McIntyre

Day #4: Wednesday, December 2 Reflection by Grace Villamora

Day #5: Thursday, December 3 Reflection by Anh Tran     

Day #6: Friday, December 4 Reflection by Kathy Bridges

Day #7: Saturday, December 5 Reflection by Sherrie Travis

Week Two of Advent 2020

Day #8: Sunday, December 6 Reflection by Angelina Rossi

Day #9: Monday, December 7 Reflection by Barbara Ramberg

Day #10: Tuesday, December 8 Reflection by Darren Milanowicz

Day #11: Wednesday, December 9 Reflection by Lisa Mettler

Day #12: Thursday, December 10 Reflection by Christine Lawless

Day #13: Friday, December 11 Reflection by Caitlin Manley

Day #14: Saturday, December 12 Reflection by Toby Gussman

Week Three of Advent 2020

Day #15: Sunday, December 13 Reflection by Donna Ciszewski

Day #16: Monday, December 14 Reflection by Joyce Gallagher

Day #17: Tuesday, December 15 Reflection by Kate Hugar

Day #18: Wednesday, December 16 Reflection by Michael Bucior

Day #19: Thursday, December 17 Reflection by Michael Piccatto, Jr.

Day #20: Friday, December 18 Reflection by Julie Yacopino

Day #21: Saturday, December 19 Reflection by David Puelz

Week Four of Advent 2020

Day #22: Sunday, December 20 Reflection by Jeffrey Lipschultz

Day #23: Monday, December 21 Reflection by Robin L. Brown

Day #24: Tuesday, December 22 Reflection by Visnja Gardner

Day #25: Wednesday, December 23 Reflection by Pearl Gonzales

Day #26: Thursday, December 24 Reflection by Gina Piscitello

Holy Name Cathedral Advent Videos & Traditions

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to see a video or read about these wonderful Christmas traditions!

Enjoy the Story of St. Nicholas as told by our very own Santa: Something to share with the young and the young at heart! CLICK HERE

Creches Around the Cathedral:

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Virtual Tour of Historic Chicago Sacred Spaces:

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December 13 @ 10:00am: Virtual Christmas Caroling