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Children’s Faith Formation



Children’s Faith Formation 2020-2021 (as of November 9, 2020)

Online Session Schedule During COVID


(Parent meetings for sacramental preparation will be scheduled later.  Notifications to those families will be sent.)


Catechists will send invites to parents/guardians for each respective virtual classroom.


October       4                                     


November   1                                     


December   6                                     


January      3       


February    7


March         7


April           4


May             2







Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Holy Name Cathedral is changing the structure of our children’s faith formation ministry.  The safety of our students, catechists, and families is our top priority.

First, I share some of the concerns for the future reality of children faith formation (CFF), voiced by directors and parents throughout the archdiocese. Whereas schools will create student cohorts within their buildings, enabling tracing for the virus, CCF children represent a variety of schools; thus, a child testing positive could infect many schools, including the host site. There is also the issue of disinfecting supplies, learning spaces, and other common spaces that must occur after each use.  Finally, families and catechist volunteers may be apprehensive about in-person instruction.

The structure of the Holy Name Cathedral Children Faith Formation ministry will be as follows.


  1. Holy Name will move to an online format for the unforeseeable future.
    1. With the exception of Confirmation preparation, Pflaum’s Gospel Weeklies will provide the curriculum. The instruction centers on the Sunday Gospel for each week.  The message of the Gospel is linked to an appropriate Church teaching, allowing adults and children to recognize the relevance.
    2. Confirmation (Grade 7 and 8) will continue to use Ascension Press’s Chosen Series.
  2. The instruction format will be a combination of catechist instruction and family instruction.
    1. On the first Sunday of the month, catechists facilitate 60-minute sessions with the family of each student. The catechists will present the theme for the upcoming Sundays, and engage the family on possible points of focus.
    2. In the next two weeks, the family will do home-based dialogue. We envision the following:
      1. View the Holy Name Cathedral Mass on YouTube, which began this month. This Mass features our clergy, choir, and other ministers.  The Mass with the cardinal, on Channel 7, will end in August.
      2. You can view the Mass on Sunday or any convenient time.
  • We will provide easy to use plans for discussion, not a class. Faith is to be lived.  Parents and guardians, you do this already.  We are just giving you the words for how you model Christianity to the children.
  1. On the fourth Sunday, the catechist will meet for 30 minutes with each group to assess how things went and help you make the connections.
  1. Sacrament Instruction
    1. Grade 1 and 2 will focus on Eucharistic formation. Although the reception of Eucharist occurs in grade 2, a two-year approach allows the children to comprehend the concept of Eucharist in a slower-paced approach.  The catechists will determine how the encounters will occur.  We are still working on the details.
    2. Grade 7 and 8 will continue the video-based curriculum, CHOSEN, by Ascension Press. This publisher created multiple resources for the candidates, allowing time for at-home assignments.  Do remember that Confirmation occurs in Grade 8.
  2. What do we, parents and guardians, need to do?
    1. Pray for all of us! This is a new frontier for us.  There will be mistakes in the journey, frustration, adjustments, and anxiety.  If we let God take charge, we will not endure, but learn more about Him and His presence in our families.
    2. If you have access to resources or relevant online skills, please contact Dr. Ortega.
    1. Tuition will remain the same for the upcoming year, 2020-2, allowing us to purchase new materials for online learning, catechist training, licenses, and new unforeseen purchase.
    2. There is a reduction in the First Reconciliation/First Eucharist Fee for 2020-21.
    3. Only parish-registered families can participate in the ministry.
    4. Recognizing that families may be under financial restraints, there are scholarships available. Contact Dr. Kenneth Ortega, All conversations are private and confidential.


Click here or on the image above to download the Family Handbook for Children’s Faith Formation.