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Rector’s Message









April 18, 2022

Dear Easter People,

Throughout our lives we spend Lent preparing and Easter Sunday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and its impact in our lives. What a wonderful mystery of our faith that truly assures us of God’s promise of eternal life.

This year I invite you to consider a new way of remembering and celebrating our Easter joy and hope as a Faith Community by claiming the fifty days after Easter to Pentecost (pentekoste from the Greek meaning fifty) as our appointed time at Holy Name Cathedral to be together in faith, hope and love in special and unique ways.

Enclosed is a small gift known as the “Little White Book” with reflections from Easter Monday to Pentecost Sunday.  These reflections will help you explore the depths of Scripture and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.  The book reminds us that during these fifty days until Pentecost with grateful hearts daily we thank God for the gift of Christ’s life, death and Resurrection and His unconditional love for each of us.

Throughout these fifty days you will also be receiving special invitations, announced in the bulletin, my weekly column, on our website and other social media outlets, inviting you to a variety of Easter activities and prayer opportunities at Holy Name.

Let us together reserve Pentecost Sunday, June 5, 2022, as a special day to celebrate, in person as a Faith Community, the many gifts of the Holy Spirit so present and shared each day by so many here in our parish. Let’s claim this day, who many call the birthday of our Church, as our day to be with one another to pray, feast and celebrate. It’s been too long … let’s make this celebration the beginning of our New Year!

During our “Fifty Days of Easter” enjoy the white book, the activities and plan on joining us for our Pentecost celebration on June 5th!

God bless you and your families during these fifty days. Be assured of the prayers of our staff, priests, sisters, and deacons as I ask for your continuing prayers for us. What a privilege and honor to serve as your Rector. I so look forward to celebrating the fifty days of Easter to Pentecost with you and your loved ones.

 Profoundly grateful for your generous hearts,


                                                                                          Very Rev. Gregory Sakowicz



P.S. If you were unable to donate to the Easter collection, but would like to do so, please click here. Thank you for your support.

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