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Parish Life Commission

The Parish Life Commission (PLC) develops a wide range of fun social events for parishioners. All ages are welcomed to attend. 

Join in on the fun, by stopping by, or volunteering (alongside us) at any of the following PLC programs and activities.

  • PLC Breakfast Series: French Toast Breakfast, RCIA Breakfast, Pancake Breakfast
  • PLC Dinner Series: Mardi Gras dinner, Lenten Dinner, Pasta Dinner
  • PLC Summer Activities Series: Coffee in the Courtyard, Ice Cream Social, Wine Tastings
  • Special Events: We help coordinate spontaneous Holy Name events throughout the year as needed

                                 Parish Life Commission Members 2016/2017


Staff Liaison: Rev. John Boivin   312-787-8040

Co-Chairs: Margaret McBrady, Chantell Walsh
Vice-Chair: Dan Werner


Deborah Bergman
Carol Branka
Sue Burgess
Araceli Cooper
Edward Cooper
Sue Elias
Joseph Harvey
Denise Kolancyzk
Eileen Massura

Gabriella Moretti
Christy Ramesh
Deanna Sokokski
Todd Stulgis
Lauren Svec
Alicia Martin Tyszka
Grace Villamora
Win Villamora


For more information about PLC, please contact

To join the Parish Life Commission, please consider submitting your name as a candidate during our Annual Discernment Process in March 2017. We would love to see you as a new member!