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Chicago Cathedral Resurrection CrucifixOn behalf of the parish and the staff of Holy Name Cathedral, our condolences on the death of your family member or friend. Be assured of our prayers for them and for you.

This information sheet may be helpful as you begin to make funeral arrangements for the deceased. Our staff is prepared to assist you in planning a reverent Funeral Mass (with the casket or urn present) or Memorial Mass (no casket, no urn).

Often funeral arrangements are made for the family by their chosen funeral director. If a funeral director is not contracted, family members make contact with one of the priests of the Cathedral. It is best to phone in advance (312-787-8040).

Funerals are usually celebrated on weekday or Saturday mornings, before the 12:10 parish Mass.


may occur in the chapel or the Cathedral an hour before the funeral. For extended visitation on a separate day a $200.00 fee is requested.


It is the parish policy that the music for these Masses is provided by the Cathedral Music Department. Their direct contact phone number is 312-573-4415. The Music Department will provide liturgically appropriate music. Please do not contact non-Cathedral musicians (organists, instrumentalists or vocalists). Additional liturgical musicians are to be arrange with the Music Department.


The priest who presides at the funeral liturgy is to be consulted regarding all the details of the Mass including the choice of Scripture readings. Deacons may preside at wakes and cemetery burials


by family members and friends are best presented at the funeral home visitation, the cemetery or the luncheon that follows. The Archdiocesan policy is that only one eulogy is allowed at the Mass. It is to be no longer than 3 minutes in length and submitted in writing beforehand.


is now allowed by the Church. However the Church asks that the cremated remains of the individual be buried or interred as soon as possible after the Mass. They are not to be scattered or kept in the family home, funeral home or separated into multiple urns. Cremated remains are given the same respect as the body they were. Furthermore, cremated remains should be placed beforehand in one urn by a staff member of the funeral home or crematorium, and not done in the Cathedral.

The usual fees are $600.00:

  • $300.00 for music (parish organist and parish cantor required)
  • $300 for the Cathedral
  • One check in the amount of $600.00 addressed to Holy Name Cathedral is usually presented in advance of the Mass.
  • If there has been an additional day for visitation, the amount is $800.00.

Due to the large number of events taking place at the Cathedral and the Pastoral Center, parking is only available during the funeral. We regret that parking is not available during the luncheon.

Funeral/Memorial Mass Music Suggestions

Opening Hymn:

  • Amazing Grace*
  • I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say*
  • Prayer of St. Francis
  • For All the Saints


  • The Lord is my Shepherd


  • Ave Maria (Schubert)*
  • Prayer of St. Francis
  • Organ instrumental (selected by organist)


  • Panis Angelicus*
  • I am the Bread of Life*
  • Be Not Afraid
  • Ave Maria (Schubert)
  • On Eagles’ Wings

Closing Hymn:

  • On Eagles’ Wings*
  • Holy God We Praise Thy Name*
  • I know that My Redeemer Lives
  • Amazing Grace
  • Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

*= indicates most often selected